A day to be thankful in a month full of grateful.

After a week where I actually recorded all my grateful thoughts in a journal and now have apparently lost that journal. But, does that mean I've lost my Grateful?! By all means, no!!!

That's why I will tell you about my sweet past week (in 7 thankfuls).

  1. Brooks laughed for the first time last Thursday night. It may or may not have been while I was singing "MmmmBop!" to him. Don't judge me. What was sweetest about it was that we were all in August's room together. Chris and August were wrestling on the bed and I was changing Brooksie. I loved seeing how excited August was for his brother's laugh. He is really falling in love.
  2. I can't get enough of this city. Every sound, every person on the street. It's all precious and temporary and in need of being savored. Last Friday night was Chris' good-bye party with his work friends from his old job. We went to his favorite bar in North Beach, our old neighborhood. Then, he and I walked down the street to Golden Boy where we used to grab pizza slices almost every week when we lived there. And we topped off the night by walking past our old apartment and up to Coit Tower. We ate our pizza there and stared at this city. It was a lovely goodbye.
  3. Yesterday was Chris' birthday. All he wanted to do this past weekend was drive out of town up to Tomales Bay and eat ourselves silly with oysters. The 4 of us joined 5 friends by the water. Then we found some dessert and a grassy spot and lay in the sun. I'm grateful for friends, sunshine and the ridiculous goodness of San Francisco (and Bay area) food. I will never recover from how well I've eaten in this city.
  4. Yesterday August and I worked to surprise Chris with a homemade birthday cake. August tried really hard to spread the frosting and not just eat it and he was giddy to show it to Chris when he got home. I love that August is at the age when he can learn to love and serve his family. And I love how fun it is to see him learning how to celebrate. (A very important skill, if you ask me.)
  5. This past week, I have felt so challenged by the study on calling that I'm doing with my Bible study as well as the book I'm reading, The Missional Mom. After a season of feeling frustrated that my life doesn't seem to allow for missional living, I'm feeling God challenge that notion in me. I'm excited to see where it goes.
  6. Yesterday, after picking August up at Vacation Bible School I drove past the most phenomenal view of the city. And I thought: I can't believe we actually lived here once. I'm so thankful that God loves San Francisco and we got to experience that love for a while.
  7. It's June and I can't be thankful in June without remembering all the sweet things that were born in this month: my husband, my oldest boy, and my marriage...all of whom I will be celebrating over the next 10 days.

What are your 7 grateful things?

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