A Pitiful Sickly Repost

Here’s the thing guys, I’m writing this on Wednesday evening, sick as a dog. I was doing great all morning and early afternoon, happily ignoring my uncomfortable stomach and stealing Brooksie’s cheerios to settle it down. And just (just!) as my babysitter arrived to give me a smidgen of writing time, my stomach determined to prove its necessity to my ability to accomplish much of anything. Also, I have to add that a telltale sign you have a fever is when on a 108-degree day you open the heated oven (to, I confess, heat up a frozen pizza for my kids) and find relief in the 400 degree air blast. So, I apologize for my lack of depth this week. Though, if you didn’t read yesterday, its depth definitely makes up for it. But, honestly, I just tried to write a meaningful post in my sickly state and it was BORING. Trust me.

That’s why I’m reposting one of my favorite posts from early on in the blog. I wrote it when I was sick and probably only makes me laugh. You'll probably sigh and roll your eyes but I'm going to repost it anyway, because my stomach stole my options.

I’m off to eat scrambled eggs s-l-o-w-l-y.




* * *

What I was thinking about this morning while I lay awake at 4 am, unable to go back to sleep, due to the massive amount of snot in my head.

(Published March 3, 2010)

  • Why do I have to be sick for a third day in a row? Aren’t antibiotics supposed to work faster than this?
  • I’m such a jerk. If I’d lived 100 years ago I’d be dead by now from all the infections I’ve had. Thank you God for the invention of penicillin. Seriously, thank you.
  • I wonder if I drink coffee this morning I’ll throw up? I really want to drink coffee. Wait, didn’t Chris get bread crumbs in my freshly ground coffee beans last night? Great. I’m gonna have to pick bread out of coffee grounds.
  • What am I going to write about in the blog today? No! Don’t think about that! Then you won’t go back to sleep! Lalalalalala. I’m not paying attention to you, thought about the blog. Maybe I should talk more about how good that Henri Nouwen k is. No, they’re sick of reading about my thoughts on the same book everyday. I might as well make it “book club blog.” Hey, that’s not a bad idea.
  • That was so crazy how Sayid turned all nutso at the end of Lost last night.
  • I really hate not being able to sleep. I had a friend in grad school who struggled with insomnia and I always felt so terrible for her. Except part of the time I was really jealous of her because she read books and wrote poetry all night while the rest of us were sleeping. That’s so awful that I was jealous of her. Man, she is a really good poet.
  • I could probably hold down a cup of coffee if I ate Cream of Wheat first. Yes, Cream of Wheat with a spoonful of brown sugar and a dash of milk. I never use “dash” in real life. Why did I use it just now in my head?
  • I’ll just turn over to the right side. No. I’ll lie on my tummy. No. I might throw up that way. Left side. Oh man. I think I woke Chris up. “I’m sorry I woke you up.” No response. Ok.
  • I feel so guilty that I signed up to bring snacks to Mom’s Group today and now I’m not going and I didn’t remember to ask someone to trade with me until I sent out a mass email at 7 last night. They probably all hate me and think I’m faking sick. Plus, I owe that really great woman 3 dollars for the latte I let her buy me last week thinking I had cash in my wallet, when I didn’t really have my wallet at all.  And I tried to be all cutesy and charming in my email to them so that probably makes them hate me more. I should really get up and check my email and see if anyone’s written me back.
  • Maybe I’ll get up.
  • I’ll feel better if I get up. Then I can eat Cream of Wheat.
  • It’s such a weird feeling right before getting out of bed. That final decision to sit up takes a certain kind of fuzzy courage.
  • Coffee! Cream of Wheat!

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