A Thursday-ish List

Yes, I'm still off in the land of vacations, where time doesn't exist (except for Brooksie's decision to wake every morning with the sun...at 5 am. I've been playing and swimming and tending to snotty noses (as per usual) and laughing with people I don't see near enough. This is a list:

A Saturday with our sweet Philadelphia friends, kids running through the yard for hours while we sat outside in the 75 degree perfection eating and laughing and being together. August loving our friends' kids. I know someday he will complain and seeing them will turn awkward. But for now, they laugh and present each other with markered pictures and read in a princess castle and play secret games adults could never understand. They somehow know that their friendship matters. Yesterday Brooksie tried to run down the slide as I jogged toward him in slow motion through the humid 95 degree air. Thankfully he fell on his rear and had the most amazing sliding experience of his life. Because, let's face it, I never would have made it to him. An unplanned star-lit night walk with Chris, Cat and Barb last weekend. A mother in law who watched the kids Monday night so the Mister and I could celebrate . Sweet reunion with Chris' siblings. He has five of them! We've been able to see them all this trip. The chance to meet Annie of fame and share good, heart-conversation while our kids played castles and dragons. Early bedtimes, tired boys, and the sound of my baby sighing in his sleep.

No, this is not a long post. I'm off to play some more. For a small fraction, it means applicants who are internationally famous due to their own pro-essay-writer.com/ achievements or by association