A Very Important Confession

When I began college in, ahem, 1997, overalls were still cool (at least in Abilene, Texas) and I was intrigued by this store in Dallas called “Abercrombie.” Yes, I was a fashion original. So, when my college friends (also freshmen) realized that most of the senior girls we had encountered in our non-trendy Southern Baptist campus were still wearing what had been cool when they were seniors in high school, we made a promise to each other: We will always wear cute clothes, even when we’re seniors! Fast forward, like, a bazillion years and you’ll find me making a promise again. This time it was circa the time I became a Stay at Home Mom. I promised myself (and every one else who would listen to my soap box) that:

  1. I would take a shower every day.
  2. I would always do my hair and make-up just as if I were leaving the house for work.
  3. I would never wear yoga pants and a t-shirt all day as my “outfit.”

For the most part, I can still get behind my outward appearance manifesto. I don’t want to turn into a Mom Zombie. I’m convinced that the phenomenon of began because Stay at Home Moms forgot to pay attention to cuteness.

That’s why I’m ashamed to admit that when Chris came home tonight from work, I had my hair in a wild ponytail, the kind where half of it is falling down on the neck, 80’s style. Speaking of the 80's, my cute summer-y shirt was having major Flash Dance love and wouldn’t stay on my shoulders. Had I taken a shower? The answer is no. Instead, I counted my trip to the pool as such. (FYI, swimming pools are not—never have been—showers.) And because of the swimming pool, there was smudged mascara under both eyes. Yes, my friends. I was that SAHM.

I didn’t think about it then, but when I went to the bathroom and saw myself in all my bra strap/black-eyed/greasy-haired glory, I remembered my commitment to SAHM vanity. I knew the only thing to do was to confess to you. That’s how we stop ourselves from taking up the Mom Jeans, my friends. Accountability!

Now, I’m off to take a shower. Just kidding! I’m really going to eat some chocolate and watch TV.



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