A Very Merry Thankful Tuesday

It’s almost Christmas, people! Here’s why I’m thankful:

  • After a month of co-battling a cold with August (both mine and his), it finally became bronchitis, which means we both finally got antibiotics. It’s been a month of snotty noses and shivers, yucky coughs and night-time wakings, and it’s a beautiful thing to be able to give my child medicine and let him sleep through he night without a cough. Wow, I should be so much more thankful for antibiotics than I am.  Thank you person who invented Penicillin in 1928.
  • I’ve been away from my Main Squeeze for almost ten days, enjoying an extra long grandparent and cousin visit with August in Texas. But I get to see my husband tomorrow when he arrives here for Christmas. I woke up the other morning and thought how much I’d just like to hug him and I remembered how blessed I am to have someone who loves me and wants to hug me back. I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s true.
  • I had a realization about August the other day: That he is somehow able to contain each of mine and Chris’ strongest personality traits (which have often seemed to me to be on separate poles). My husband knows what he believes about everything. (Some might call him opinionated...) I am tender hearted, a sensitive soul. Somehow my son is both of those things. He has no problem yelling: “I don’t like this!” to every song on the cd, except the one song he likes. He also can’t stand anything unhappy and is constantly aware of my feelings ("Are you sad, Mama?"). This past Friday night, my parents took us to see their church’s performance of “It’s a Wonderful Life” the musical. August loved it until we got to the sad part, where the angel shows George Bailey how horrible life would be in Bedford Falls had he not been born. There’s a lot of crying and music in minor keys. My son kept yelling (as he burrowed his face in my chest): “I don’t like this show, Mama! I don’t like it!” (Which I’m sure the actors on the stage didn’t love hearing.) Even when the show got happy at the end, he was not convinced or pleased. A sensitive and opinionated boy. I love it.
  • This past Saturday, my brother Brooks coordinated a massive undertaking of providing 250 families in Amarillo, Texas with presents (not only kids but mothers too). Just seven years ago, these families had no help. I could not be more proud to be related to this man who works every week to make sure these families and kids are cared for, offered food, medical help, and authentic relationships. I’m blessed to be able to introduce August to the kind of work Brooks is doing, and blessed that he gets to grow up with an uncle who has given his life to pursing mercy and hope for kids starving for both.
  • I’ve gotten to have a week with no deadlines and lots of time to rest. That equals an obsessive amount of time spent reading two YA novels in the course of a week. (The Hunger Games anyone?)
  • It’s Christmastime! I get to celebrate by giving my kid an awesome rocket digital clock!

What are you thankful for?

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