Advent Thankful

A Thankful Tuesday List:

  • Two candles lit on the Advent wreath.
  • Quiet morning coffee in the light of the Christmas tree.
  • The Playmobile Nativity Mary and Lightning McQueen going for a ride in the Spy Plane together.
  • My four Pandora stations that basically tell you everything you need to know about me: Dave Barnes Holiday, Amy Grant Holiday, Veggietales Holiday, and Sufjan Stevens Holiday. (Judge if you dare!)
  • Christmas cards and the sweet way they insist you update your address list (it's always good to send that long-overdue facebook message).
  • A church that spent lunch on the second Sunday of Advent eating 32 varieties of chili and then learning an Irish folk dance together. (I love my church!) Also, August was my dance partner and even though he seems to have his father's exact personality, he has my love for dancing (and he may even have my sense of rhythm...something both Chris and I are thankful for).
  • A baby so round and smushy that his father and I can't stop kissing him. He might end up with a complex.
  • A weekend of non-stop rain in a drought-stricken land. As August would say: The tree says, "Thank you!"
  • A husband who reminds me on Sundays when I'm feeling like I haven't accomplished enough that my weekend job is to enjoy my family.
  • Paying forward one of my favorite college traditions: When my music minister would invite every college kid at church over to his house from 10 to midnight during finals week for a pancake breakfast. Am I hosting the same thing at my house this Thursday night for my small group girls? Yes, yes I am! (Special thanks to the mister for his commitment to flipping flapjacks (who uses that word?) for two hours on a work night!
  • A chilly run on a chilly day.
  • It's my birthday and I'm thankful he exists.
  • Finally unpacking from Thanksgiving yesterday. (Again, don't judge.)
  • Central heat, a dishwasher, warm clothes for my family, food in the fridge.

Grateful grateful grateful. What about you? What are you thankful for? If you see a padlock icon listed beside your device name it means that particular stored backup is encrypted with a password