And now it's time to read...

I love the end of April. I love waking up to brighter mornings and washing dishes in the evenings while the sun sets at 7:30. I love spring warmth, even in San Francisco, where soon (once June hits) the sun will fade behind a cloud and we will enter the chill of summer. (Yes, I said that right.)

But for now, it's almost May and the sun is shining and school is almost out and things are ending in all the best ways, making way for summer vacation and rest.

I'm feeling that longing for rest. The same longing you hold when you're a kid in school, waiting for end of things and the beginning of freedom. It's now been almost a month since my book came out and I've worn my brain clean out. I really do feel like my thoughts are spent. That doesn't mean I'm not writing anymore. I am. But I'm recognizing the difficulty of the writing. I need some new thoughts. I need to make space for new ideas. I need new words to say.

I'm always reading books but I really want the next couple of months to be intentional reading time. I want to spend more time in poetry. I want to be challenged in areas of spiritual formation. I want to FINALLY read . (I know. What's wrong with me?) And I want to come back to some oldies in my spiritual classics library.

These are some of the books I'm planning on digging into.

My husband has been begging me to read for the past year and I know once I open it up, my mind will be blown. I'm also finally on . That series is so soothing to me. I'm grateful for her clean, simple writing. I read back in college and I remember being amazed and offended and inspired by it. I'm hoping for that kind of goodness to happen again, except this time with 15 more years of life under my belt.

Also, so many poems! I bought a couple of years ago and haven't taken the time to sit with them. Same with . My friend Laura gave me to borrow so I need to get on that. And is a collection of poems written by my friend and former graduate workshop-mate Sarah C. Harwell. She's brilliant and hysterical and I can't wait to give her poems my time and energy.

I am going to soak in Macrina Wiederkehr's and I promise to tell you everything.

What about you? What are reading right now? What do you want to be reading? How are you making time in your life to read?

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