And…I’m in Italy!

Actually, I’m not in Italy yet (as this post is going up). I’m still in transit. Somehow, I kissed my kids and made it on the plane without having a soul-explosion. The best thing I keep reminding myself is how happy I am for my kids to have this time with their grandparents. And, especially, for my mother-in-law to have this time with Brooksie. The two of them just haven’t gotten to be together enough in Brooks’ short life. I’m so thrilled for them to know each other in the way only long periods of alone time (with no mama hovering!) can do.

Originally, my plan was for the blog to go dark while I was off gallivanting around the Italian countryside. But, an exciting guest post opportunity came my way.

When I started the {This Sacred Everyday} series, I emailed several people asking for submissions. One of those people was my former spiritual director, Debby Bellingham. Debby eventually got back to me with not one, but four posts!

Because Debby’s voice and style is unique (she is more of a teacher than an artist) and because there are four of them, I’m posting them on their own next week as a four-part series.

This series will be different from the kind of writing we usually have around here. It will be more instruction than reflection, but I can’t wait to share Debby with you. I was joking with Chris the other day that he needs to read these posts just so he can understand me! Honestly, her perception of God’s love has formed my faith journey in countless ways. I think you’ll hear my heart in her words. I hope you’ll stop by next week and soak her wisdom up.

Until then, my friends, I’m signing off. I won’t be around the comments section and I probably won’t be on Twitter or Facebook, unless I just can’t stay away (doubtful!)… but I will miss you.

And I probably won’t be back around until Wednesday, October 3rd, when I am officially a San Francisco resident.

Until then,


Photo Credit: ChrisYunker via Flickr

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