Best Songs of the Nineties?

It’s midnight and I’m exhausted. I’d originally planned to write something meaningful and compelling tonight. Instead I spent the past four hours eating dinner with my brother and sister in law (who are in town visiting) and discussing, then listening to, our favorite songs of the nineties. It was an amazing conversation, full of such beauties as “Rhythm is a Dancer” and Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game.” So good. That, of course, eventually led into about an hour and of half of watching Will Ferrell videos on YouTube. It’s the curse of our generation. We can’t stop ourselves.

So, I will now go to sleep and leave you with this question (which you’d better answer): What are your top three  favorite songs from the nineties? And why? (I expect some tales of slow dances and earnest moments of epiphany.) Come on. This could probably be the best Mama:Monk discussion ever.

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