Catching up (A Thankful Tuesday post, of sorts)

I've missed you people. I've missed you so much that I'm just writing a little catch-up hello in between my serious writing ventures today. As I write this, the wind is howling outside my window and Twitter is alive with prayers and fears for Boston. I have a family friend who was in the crowd. I had just seen her Instagram photo of the race before I heard of the bombing. I'm grateful for her safety and I'm praying for a blanket of peace to fall on that city.

I'm grateful for:

  • My friends in Young Life here in San Francisco and how they share my love for that ministry and are so faithful to do the hard work.
  • For Liz, who loves my kids and comes over to hang out with them for free on a Sunday night so I can go to a Young Life dinner.
  • For my husband's gentle wisdom and the way he never stops learning or getting softer. Such a thing is all too rare.
  • For how Brooksie loves to sleep and be alone. And for how ferociously he plays. There's no in between. It seems pretty healthy to me.
  • For August's creativity and curiosity. The questions he's been asking me lately have been wild and uncomfortable. So, basically, amazing.
  • For a mother in law who loves my boys and is willing to stay with them for two days in a city she doesn't know very well, without a car. There should be a hashtag for #HardCoreMILs. Very thankful.
I've been making the most of my time away from you guys, plugging away at my keyboard. Reading and reading and rereading my drafts, having totally inspiring phone conversations with a couple of former professors, and generally sitting at my desk.
This is what my desk looks like right now: