Community Thankful

It’s Thankful Tuesday, that lovely day when we all stop to remind ourselves that there are some wonderful things in our lives, even if our kid pooped in his underwear again. (Hypothetically, of course.) I’m been thinking about community a lot lately, about the sweetness of the life we have here in San Francisco and how the relationships we have swell my heart. So, instead of talking about poop, I will focus on all about the community heart-swelling stuff:

  • How many times can I mention the women who spend their Sunday evenings in my living room? I love their humor, their authenticity, their willingness to eat anything I have leftover so it doesn’t go to waste (thanks for taking care of that watermelon, friends), the way they love my kids and don’t judge me for how messy August’s room always is and how he never seems to be wearing pants when they show up. And mostly I love their friendship. Sunday night before they showed up, I made a joke with August about how I’m the only girl in our family and everybody else—even the cat—is a boy. August said: “That’s ok, Mama. Your girls are coming soon.” He was right. There’s a special blessing in being friends with girls just a bit younger, who aren’t yet in the phase of marriage and kids. When I get to have nights out with them at the movies, I wear my cutest outfits and pretend that I’m 25 too. I’m so thankful they have given me that…
  • Yesterday, on a day Chris was out of town for work, my friend Lily brought over pastries at 8:30 am, just because. There is such sweetness in having a home where friends come by with sticky buns and hope that you have coffee. (And I do, people. FYI, anytime you want to bring me a sticky bun, I will give you coffee.)
  • I’ve been learning that I need to take advantage of all the dear people in my life, especially as I’m in the midst of learning how to raise two kids at once. Chris has been out of town for two days. So, last night, instead of being stressed and alone during dinnertime, I invited Liz over for take-out and a movie. You know what? She came! And I had two sets of hands! And she was happy because her finals for Law school are over and she got to do her laundry and hold a baby and eat greasy Thai food while watching a cheesy 90’s movie! I’m so grateful that sometimes when you ask for help, the helping is a blessing to someone else as well.
  • I’m thankful for the women in my Mom’s Group, for whom it’s a lot harder to stop by my house with pastries or come over for take-out, but who constantly share their kids and homes and lives with us. I love that August knows these women and loves them and listens to them. I’m grateful that they pray for me and encourage me and challenge my faith.
  • And I love our church. What an incredible feeling it is to be so proud of your church: what is spoken from the pulpit, what is lived out in the lives of its leaders, what is given in service to this city. I’m so grateful and proud that City Church is our spiritual home here.

So what are you thankful for in your community? (That’s right, I made the Thankful Tuesday question even harder than usual!)

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