FOUND happenings this week


Friends, Found releases into the bright big world six days from now. Next week is going to be a wild week of linking you up to the reviews and the interviews and the all of it.

Until then, here are a few things that I want to make sure you see.

First, if you're in the Bay Area, I would love to have you here for my book release party a week from Sunday, April 6. Click on the pic for more details, or go to the party's page!

On Monday night, I was interviewed by  on her radio show Inspiring Women. It was an HOUR long, y'all. And I survived, thanks to lots of encouragement from friends who called in and the lovely Ann who watched my kids. Here's the link:


Also, while you're listening to that (I haven't, by the way. Can. Not. Handle. It. So tell me how that goes, k?) I want to point you over to some reviews of Found that have been popping lately.

Yesterday, Found was reviewed by Amy L. Peterson over at the Patheos blog. I love that Amy was able to refer to both St. Theresa of Avila and Jimmy Fallon in one sentence, while reviewing the book! That's my kind of review.

"Boyett shows us that connecting with God doesn’t have to follow the same formula throughout your life. She finds that God is full of grace, even for the prayerless, and always ready to meet us — not just in quiet times, but in all times."

And also at Leanna Tankersly's blog . (Leanna guessed right that I am a four on the Ennegram. What? Who me?) I loved Leanna's insight into my release of fantasy throughout the book. I'd never thought of it that way. But, yep, that's true.

"What speaks to me more than anything in this book is Micha’s slow, steady assimilation of reality and her slow, steady release of the fantasy. What’s more, her revelation that God was finding her through the slow beats of her day-to-day just as much as she was trying to find her way back to prayer."

I'd love for you to take a peek over in those places and see what's being said. I'll keep you updated as more reviews make their way out into the world.

And don't forget that we're still looking for #foundgrace over on Instagram (and in the sidebar over there ---->) !

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