Happy Anniversary, Mama:Monk!

Yes, my friends, it has been one full year of bloggerdom. And in honor of my anniversary at mamamonk.com (which was actually last Wednesday, but I was too lame to celebrate on that day), I will now list what a year of blogging has taught me:

  • I do have time to write! It’s amazing what you can make yourself do when you know that people might actually read it.
  • I am a selfish, selfish person. (The more I write about myself, the more I realize that I’m way too obsessed with myself. I may still be pathetic, but at least I’m realizing it…That’s a step in a good direction.)
  • My insecurities don’t seem to change. No matter how many times I’ve written about it, I was still hesitant to admit to my job as Stay at Home Mom this past weekend when my husband’s high school friend and his girlfriend came over for dinner. I guess having a whole blog about my value in Christ in the midst of not living up to society’s view of successful womanhood has still not healed my insecurities.
  • Even if none of you memorize the poems with me, I feel so happy every time I post a new one, as if I’m not alone in my word-giddiness.
  • I love monks. I still really, really love monks.
  • I started this blog only six months in to my new San Francisco life. I had just hit a point of massive homesickness and was feeling as though so much of what I’d known of my identity was gone (Young Life, my culture, my community). In writing through that with you all, I’ve realized that I’ve spent much of my life finding my identity in my own version of usefulness/success. This year has been a journey in releasing my cultural idea of usefulness and finding joy in the simplicity of life with my kid. I’m so grateful you’ve walked with me through that process.
  • I love Thankful Tuesday! I love being forced into gratefulness. And I love realizing how good I have it in my home. Example: tonight, after one of my friends highlighted my hair for me in my living room, my hubby—without being asked—followed me into the bathroom and helped this massive pregnant woman wash the chemicals out. I have a really wonderful husband and I’m so grateful that Thankful Tuesday requires that I remember that each week.
  • Mostly, I’m thankful for you. Why is it that you want to read about all these weird things I can’t stop pondering? I don’t know. But thank you. Thank you. I’m so grateful for this blog. And I’m honored to share it with you.

In honor of my year anniversary, I’m trying to be brave and am making a few changes to the blog: adding a Facebook page (Yay! Go there and be a fan!), adding myself to a few networks (I’ll let you know how that goes), and working to make Mama:Monk a little easier to share with the world. If you have any suggestions for this failure of a social networker, please let me know!

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