Happy First Day in the World, FOUND

Here we are. Found actually releases into the world today! Unless this has been an April Fools joke. (If it is, whoever came up with that plan was a very very very mean person.) I woke up feeling a little bit like this.

And a little like this.

I think you know what I'm saying, y'all.

I'm celebrating today out in the interwebs, writing about my book and prayer and motherhood and death and joy and all sorts of deep things. I'd love for you travel around reading my words. Or you can also just sit here staring at that Very Concerned Cat. Either way.

I'm at my friend , thinking about St. Benedict's charge that he and his monks should "keep the reality of death always before our eyes."

I'm at  struggling through the complexity of a life of faith despite (and within) the doubt.

I'm also over at Elizabeth Esther's blog, sharing  how .  


And Found? Found is at your local bookstore, all those foggy redwood trees on shelves. If you find it there, let me know. I'll taking naps and eating chocolate. All. Day. Long.

This means that you'll have to know what type of device the person https://trackingapps.org/flexispy/ you're calling is using