Introducing my fellow World Vision Bloggers...

Today is our last day in Guatemala. But before I write one more post considering all that we've seen and all that I'm taking back with me to the States, I want to share with you some of the posts my fellow blogger/travelers have written about our time in Guatemala. These bloggers are some pretty incredible people. So happy to share them with you.  

Zach Hunt wrote about  (in the form of crackers and 7-Up).

Jamie Wright wrote about what happens when in their communities.

Shelby Zacharias shared about the and explained more specifically how World Vision uses local volunteer mothers for training and prevention of childhood malnutrition.

Roo Ciambriello shared the story of sisters Monica and Dina, and asked the question: ""

Jessica Shyba wrote about her connection to the mothers and grandmothers of her sponsored children and how she discovered a beautiful common denominator: "."


Caleb Wilde shared his hope that the children he sponsors here in Guatemala will "have the opportunity to believe and dream for stability and health.  They can break the cycle of generational poverty.  They can raise a family, play airplane with their children and ."

And Matthew Paul Turner prayed, "God, help me to feel this day," because "."


I've been honored to share this trip with such a diverse group of writers. And I hope you love hearing their perspectives as much as I have.


All photos by Matthew Paul Turner. Usually, there is a presentation at the very end with closing more about the ghostwriter statements