It's Thankful Tuesday Time!

We haven't had a Thankful Tuesday list for too long, friends. So, I'm starting it out and you're finishing it off. Ok?

  • My son is sleeping again! After lamenting about his sleep habits : which included round-offs out of the crib, angry screaming and near hyperventilation, I took the 's advice and made a sign about our rules for bedtime (stay in bed, close your eyes, be very quiet, etc). I even drew some super cute pictures to go with each rule. Despite my son's wrathful shredding of the rules into pieces not once, but twice, he has eventually come around. He's sleeping like a champ and I'm proud of him.
  • This is embarrassing, but I'm thankful that 's new season just started last night. I can't help that I'm obliged to watch gymnastics dramas. Don't judge me.
  • My friend Josh just sent me this and said it reminded him of me. I'm not sure how I feel about that but thankful is the emotion I'm striving for...
  • I'm thankful for simple things like the homemade thank you cards August and I made out of construction paper and crayons. Also I'm thankful for homemade birthday cake and laid back birthday parties.
  • I'm thankful that next week all three of us are heading to Texas to spend some quality time with my family.
  • "Staying Power" is an incredible poem every time my eyes catch the words. I'm thankful for its truth and I'm thankful it's supposed to be fitting into my head this month.
  • 4th of July! Fireworks! Cakes with berries placed in the shape of a ! Cheesy families all dressed in matching Old Navy flag shirts!
  • My husband's new two-day-long obsession with feeding me Caesar salad with homemade croutons and dressing. (And I'm talking legit Caesar dressing: with anchovies and raw egg.) Are you kidding me? So good.
  • August's newest phrase for everything that happens: "Idn't dat funny, Mama? Idn't dat funny?" No, sweetie, it's not funny when your friend hits his head on the ground. (But I can't stand how cute you are.)
  • Taking my husband,  favorite quilt, son and his new tee-ball stand and bat to the park.
  • I'm thankful I discovered . It's like having my own secret poetry fairy sending me little shiny gems all day.
  • I'm thankful there were enough quarters in the house yesterday for all seven loads of laundry. Yes, three people. Seven loads. Something is off.

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