Just a Stay at Home Mom (how liberation frees me to love my non-job)

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Thankful Tuesday to bring you my most recent guest post at Her.meneutics (the women's blog for Christianity Today.)  I am a product of the Second Wave Feminism of the 60s. By the time I was a child in the 80s, movies were full of women in shoulder-padded jackets at their corporate desks. The working mom was alive and figuring out her place in our culture. And my grandpa was picking me up after school and watching me until my mom got out of work.

I came into my role as stay at home mom slowly, with frequent hand wringing and deep doubts. I was in full-time ministry before that, in a form of work that demanded loads of energy, crazy hours, and a great community of support (especially during my son’s first year). . . [to read more of the post, click here.]

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