Katniss, Katy Perry and my cat: a Thankful Tuesday list

  • Post-church Hohorst-famous pancakes with friends.
  • Realizing on the way home from Writer's Group last night that I was alone in the car and I should definitely roll the window down, turn the radio up as loud as I could stand, and sing along to Cobra Starship ("You Make Me Feel...").
  • A tired 3- year-old in tears at bedtime Sunday night. A husband who asks: “What do you need? What's the matter?” The boy's answer: “I just want to have a dance party before bed!” Do you think this mama can say no to a pre-bed dance party? Never. Hi Katy Perry. Let’s dance.
  • Two baby teeth pushing through my baby boy’s bright red gums and the little champ who hardly complains about his difficult lot.
  • That feeling when you know the Lord has been directing every aspect of your move: including the friendships waiting for you at this church you’ve found and love. I believe I've been steered toward these people and I'm grateful.
  • This trailer for The Hunger Games movie. Oh, yes, I love The Hunger Games. (I have a secret favorite genre and it involves post-apocalyptic, young adult fiction…judge me if you dare!)
  • Watching August and Chris spread peanut butter and jelly on bread, pack an apple and chips into a bag of food for the "man who doesn't have a home" because August said we should. Really, could I be more thankful for anything this week?
  • A baby who has slept from 7 pm to 7 am WITHOUT WAKING twice this week. Anyone who knew our sleeping issues two months ago would do a little dance with me right now.
  •  A little boy who has finally forgotten about his imaginary friend GinGin (who told him not to poop in the potty) and who has become an fully potty trained child! He’s proud, we’re proud. You internet people are proud…
  • I didn’t think I would get to see any color on the trees here in Austin. But every once in a while I catch a dash of red popping out. It’s 80 in November and I’m still grateful every time I’m out at night without a scarf.
  • A husband who cleans the bathroom without being asked.
  • The miraculous wonder of cleaning with vinegar! How did I clean my home for so long with a lot of junk when all I needed was vinegar???
  • Early evenings and the joy of playing outside until the sun goes down.
  • A washing machine and a dryer. I hope I never forget how difficult it used to be and how good I've got it.
  • Advent is coming! Soon! I cannot wait for the start of the church year and the seasons of Advent through Epiphany. Yay yay yay.
  • How I’ve been thinking about time and transition and ritual and routine. And I’ve been feeling so grateful that God gives us the cushion of transition between major changes. That cushion seems to me to be a relative of rest. And I want to understand what that means. So, I’m grateful for grace in time. Maybe I’ll write about that sometime this week.
  • Ezra the cat who is sitting in my lap on his back with his legs spread. He looks like an old man in a recliner. And that makes me thankful.

It’s Thankful Tuesday! Tell us what you’re thankful for in the comments. Seriously. I’m going to be really sad if you just read this but don’t list what you’re thankful for! You’re my friend and I want to be thankful with you! I mean it.

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