One Day 2014

For the second year in a row I joined blogger in her annual Instagram phenomenon #OneDayHH, a day in which we document all the mundane details of our ordinary Wednesday. This year I made a conscious decision not to Instagram my bed head. I'm sure you're all grateful. The rest is here for you:

I woke up Wednesday morning feeling Not. So. Great. But, this was not a day to feel bad. I had children to get to important places and a mother's group that was expecting me to speak to them an hour and a half away (in traffic!) at 9:30 am. So I did what any self-respecting woman in my situation would do: Whined to my husband and let him bring me english muffins in bed.

I stayed in that bed as long as possible. But, alas, we were out of the house by 7 o'clock. Chris worked from the city that day (he usually commutes to the suburbs) so he could help get the boys where they needed to go. (Yay, Chris!) Since we are a one car family I dropped them off at the bakery closest to August's school (30 minutes early) and, of course, realized as we pulled up that I hadn't brought any shoes for Brooks. He wept over his lack of shoes and I left him to be consoled by his father. But first I Instagramed the situation. Because.

Then it was off to brave city traffic and then drive across the Bay Bridge en route to Danville, where I was speaking that morning. Here's what the sunrise over the bridge looked like.

Made it to Danville and was thrilled to spend some time with the women of Mother's Together there. I spoke about God's Enough when we are not enough. And I took this picture of some of the ladies before I spoke. I told them I basically had to Instagram them. Hollywood Housewife was making me.

After the lovely morning with Mother's Together I had the chance to catch up with Heather, a friend of mine from our church in Paoli, Pennsylvania from way back in the day (i.e. six years ago). Since then she has moved to Northern California but the distance of an hour means we haven't seen each other much. I joined her for preschool drop-offs and we chatted in the car there and back. And we took this blurry photo.

Then it was a slice of pizza in the car and a mad dash back to San Francisco in time for school pickups. I pulled up in a parking space ten minutes before the bell. Just enough time to snag a cuppa honey-mint tea with edible flowers floating on top.

From there I picked up August and drove to another school where my friend Leah was picking up her daughter. Leah is a lovely soul who is always faithful to watch my kids. Brooksie loves going to her house. I found him waiting with some old sneakers Leah found in the back of her closet. So he hadn't lived shoeless all day. As a thank you I made Leah take a photo with me. What, you don't consider that a thank you?

Then it was nap time for Brooksie and homework time for August. My little first grader has been a champ lately about getting to work on his homework as soon as we get home. That's some major progress from the homework drama we used to live out every day of Kindergarten. In my joy I snapped this one.

Also it was the first night of the World Series and August has become a big time Giants fan, despite his father's commitment to the Phillies. So we had the game on as soon as homework was through. The great thing about watching the World Series on the west coast is that, even if you're a kid, you can actually stay up late enough to see the game end. Amazing.

And, in the midst of World Series watching, we looked outside to find the most glorious sunset we'd seen so far in our nine months in our new home. It was the kind of sunset you pause all the rest of life to stand and watch. So we stood and watched.

And that, friends, was our One Day. Hope yours was sweet and ordinary in all the best ways... If you find yourself viewing your tasks with the same combination of tags or date ranges, over and over, you can create a smart list with 2do