Read this, please.

So, it's 10 at night and my son didn't get in bed till 8:40 ish (more than an hour late) due to my poor choice of driving home from a friend's house at 5:20: Downtown at rush hour with a necessary stop at Whole Foods? Bad choice. 1 hour and 40 minutes later, I started dinner. Which we ate at 7:45. I will also add that I'm tired and my brain is failing you tonight. You deserve more than I can give you, dear reading friends. So I'll tell you this: I'm really loving the Burnside Writers Collective, which describes itself as an "online magazine for Christians looking for a connection with the world outside of franchise Christianity."

Today I heard from a friend who gave me the terrible news that a couple from their church (good friends of theirs) in their barely thirties (with two young children) have been dealing with the shock and fear of his recently diagnosed cancer. It's a nightmare we all try to shake out of our brains when it crawls inside, especially at this point in our lives as young parents. Tonight I came across this article in Burnside, which I feel is poignant, honest, and faithful to our God who is nothing if not mysterious. Read "God. Is Good -- or Protecting God's Reputation When Shit Happens." I hope it comforts and challenges you in the same way it did me.

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