Remembering Long

Memorial Day and Thankful Tuesday are joining forces today. As I type, it’s still Monday; but I have no doubt that as you read, Tuesday will be shining on your pretty faces. So, let me refer to Robert Frost when I remind us that a dried brook is only a brook to those who remember long. And on that note, I will now take some time to remember, thankfully.

  • On Memorial Day I have to think about my grandfathers (still living), who both served and suffered during World War II, and especially my Pawpaw, who was shot, held captive, forced to burn my grandmother’s letters to keep his fingers warm, and who never should have survived. I’m thankful for my grandmothers who worked during that war, sacrificed, and carried with them into their rest of their lives a respect for work and a feminine confidence that I hope to live into.
  • I spent today battling my little boy’s fever: hating both his discomfort and my helplessness. There’s nothing sadder than a sweat-drenched toddler whimpering himself awake every two hours in the night. And this past day (and sleepless night to come) serve to remind me of how grateful I am to have a healthy kid.
  • During these past two weeks of my husband working in London and now LA, with his in-between times hosting one of his closest friends in our home, I’ve been tempted to begrudge his none-staying-home status. It’s easy to see his working life as something exotic: full of interesting adult conversations and fun. And, I assure you, if any one is having fun and interesting conversations, it’s my man. Those are two of the things he does best. But he also works hard and it hurts him to leave us. It’s easy to convince myself that I’m the one who suffers while my husband jet sets and lives the dream. But it’s unfair. Not only is he carrying a lot of burdens in his job, but I’ve also chosen not to work. Today, while missing my husband, I’m grateful for his career and my opportunity to choose whether or not I work.
  • Lately, I’ve been remembering the anonymous church member who, twenty years ago, during a period of financial struggle for our family, paid for a brand new dishwasher and had it delivered to our home. Does that person know that he or she was one of my most vital teachers of what community and sacrificial giving and the Communion of believers should look like? I remember and I’m thankful.
  • I’m also thankful for Charlotte Grace Price, daughter number 2 for our dear friends Christina and Jeff. She was born today and we’re all so happy she’s in the world.

Happy Thankful Tuesday after Memorial Day. What are you remembering long?

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