Reviews, interviews, and my brother's super sweet magic skillz

Thanks for journeying with me through this week. It's been overwhelming and wonderful and scary. (Like all good things should be.) And it's slowing down. Yesterday, my friend Kate came over with lunch and helped me fold laundry and put away toys for two hours and it was rich ministry in my life. Sometimes the thing you most need is your laundry folded. Found grace, y'all.

I'm also finding grace in the gift my parents sent me this week: A collection of all my stories from elementary school. 

How in the world did I have such good handwriting? What happened to my awesome handwriting????

Today I'm over with Erin at her Home with the Boys blog, for Part 2 of our conversation about Found.

Also I've been so honored and moved by these three reviews of that went up yesterday and today. If you still haven't decided whether or not you want to snag yourself a copy, I'm thrilled to direct you to , , and .

I'll leave you with . Because it's awesome.


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