Sweet Monday Round Up: FOUND release party and a couple of posts you should read today!

Last week I worked hard and slept a little and spent too much time on social media. And all the while some dear friends were planning my beautiful launch party. I didn't have to worry about it one tiny bit. And last night I celebrated. Big time. There were pretty ribbons and strung lights.

And there were snacks that represented all the food from my book. (Even my beloved Trader Joe's dark chocolate made an appearance.)

I read a chapter and hosted my q&a. Even Chris, the superman-jawed star of , surprised me with the most generous introduction a girl could ever hope for. It was a lovely night and I'm so grateful for all who came and supported my book and reminded me how good I have it.

Today I'm over at Amy Julia Becker's blog at Christianity Today, answering questions about the daily, continual conversion of the Christian life, what it looks like to believe there's "enough time" in the day, and the ways being a parent has shaped my faith.

Also, my friend Leigh Kramer is giving away Found over at her place today.


Special thanks to the Brit+Co Makeshop for providing a stellar venue for the party.


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