Thankful (Late) Tuesday (Evening)

Yes, it’s late Tuesday night and it’s barely Thankful Tuesday anymore. But. It’s been one of those weeks, you guys. I needed to force myself into thankfulness. And, really, that’s what Thankful Tuesday is for, right?

Here we go:

  • For blue skies

  • For the new associate pastor at my church, Julie, who just moved here in August with her husband and two young kids. Y’all. A woman pastor who is also a mom??? And can wear a clerical collar while still somehow being stylish? Best. Thing. Ever. A couple of weeks ago I got to have lunch with her and she asked, “Is there anything you need from me--as a mom and a woman--who is also your pastor?” And I started weeping into my artisan pizza about the power of having a woman leading me in worship and a fellow mother as a pastor-caregiver in my life and the lives of all the women in my church. Ahhhh. So thankful to be in a church that believes God calls and equips women to minister.

  • For a husband who sees my anxiety and weaknesses and doesn’t tell me to toughen up. But seeks to protect the tenderest parts of my spirit. That’s a gift.

  • For August’s super sweet Kindergarten teacher who gives every kid a “pinky hug” at the end of the day. I probably mentioned pinky hugs last week in my list. And I don’t care because I LOVE pinky hugs.

  • Here’s a really deep and meaningful one: I GOT BANGS and I love them. And I’m thankful that my family has mostly adjusted to them. There were tears at the sight of me, though. And I refuse to say whether the tears came from my husband or my children.

    Don't believe my husband's sad face. I'm convinced he loves bangs. He totally loves them.

  • That my old lady foot has been feeling good enough for me to attempt running again. I have a long way to go. But it feels good.

  • For that my friend posted a link to on her blog last week. You have to read it. I can’t stop thinking about that last line and whether I’m “searching...for beautiful things.” Soooo good.

  • That my boys get to share a room (and a bunkbed) and for all the secret conversations between them that I get to overhear.


What about you? What’s on your list (even if it’s not Thankful Tuesday anymore where you are)?

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