Thankful: thunderstorms, parties, and the (lack of) electricity

  • Oh, I’ve missed big spring thunderstorms in Texas, how they hit at 7:30 at night, the perfect time for mysteriousness when you’re a kid: Right after bathtime, right as you’ve stepped into pajamas. How, when the power goes out, nothing matters anymore. Dishes can’t be done, chores can’t be completed. There is only the sitting under flashlights and the telling of stories. And Daddy reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by candlelight. The glowing living room lit by candles. Is there anything sweeter than falling asleep to the sound of heavy rain? So, I’m thankful: for lightning, for the deep growl of its thunder, and for family to hold when the clap hits the sky.
  • I’m thankful for parties of all kinds: The wine and cheese sort I helped throw with friends on Friday night—the joy of connecting people and laughing and preparing and cleaning up. And the sleepover sort on Sunday night with my small group of almost-college-sophomores—sitting outside eating pizza and chips and queso and cookies and praying for each other as they head out to their summers. I’m thankful for how they’ve grown up this past year, how they’ve moved from strangers to dear friends, how much they’ve learned about themselves and about what it is to follow Jesus. I’m thankful for dinner out Saturday night with my college roomies Jamie and Melissa, that our time together is full of more than reminiscing, that we love each other as we are now, in our older lives, that we can laugh and talk about hard, true things.
  • For this awesome fort made out of couch cushions
  • The words from my children’s mouths. After bath time: “I told myself when you came in to get me that I would be all done.” (This from the stubborn-headed boy who has a very difficult time accepting the end of things. Self-control = the best kind of growing up). And declarations of “I’m not into______ (insert: any sort of vegetable, quiet music, nap time, and washing hands) and, “Oh man!” as a way of pointing out something’s coolness. Also, there is the new word of Brooksie’s, who when watching the water run into the plastic baby pool outside, stared hard as I turned the hose off. “Ahh-Duh” he said and signed “all done.” And I cheered. That baby is currently “into” putting on his shoes, wearing his Syracuse baseball cap (which he discovered this past weekend and wants to wear always), kicking balls, and brushing his teeth himself.
  • For the sweet taste of water, especially when you’ve been chasing kids in the 95 degree heat all afternoon.
  • I’m thankful for Daddies who kiss their little boys and mamas whose boys  label them “the coziest” due the certain softness of their bellies. (Oh well.)
  • And I’m thankful that sometimes big ole thunderstorms knock out the power and there’s nothing you can do but fall asleep in your clothes at 8:30 and not get your blog post written. I’m thankful for electricity. But last night, I was tired and I was more thankful for sleep.


Thanks for your patience when I was a little slow with the post today. What, my friends, is on your thankful list this morning?

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