Thankful Tuesday after Thanksgiving

  • For a sweet, small Thanksgiving with friends. I love hosting parties with my husband. And I love having people in our home. I’m thankful that we already had relationships here in SF and that we didn’t have to be alone on such a big day.
  • For plane tickets to see our families over Christmas.
  • For Monday night hang outs with The Mister.
  • For how tired I am at 9 o’clock and how that means my day was full of hard work. Hard work is good.
  • Brooksie has started saying sentences. But they almost all include one word, one big pause, and “Mama.” (Okay, sometimes, “Daddy.”) And I can’t stand how cute it is.
  • August yesterday morning: “Mommy, I really like your ponytail today. It’s like a waterfall on your back.” What? Who are you?
  • For the sweetness of the Advent season. I love the waiting. I love early morning reading under the glow of the Christmas tree. No, my Christmas tree isn’t up yet. But, I promise. It’s coming soon.
  • For a full refrigerator, a full pantry.
  • For the She and Him Holiday station on Pandora. It is the best. The Very Best.
  • Both the boys have been sick this week. Brooksie’s cough is waking him up all through the night. I’m thankful for patience in both Chris and me. And I’m thankful that there’s something about the boys being sick that awakens a mama alertness in me so I can get up with them in the night without collapsing. Also, I’m thankful for doctors who can help my baby stop coughing up the furry animal that seems to be living in his chest.
  • Can you believe I’m still reading ? (If I’m tired at 9 pm, y’all, you can imagine it’s taking awhile.) But I have to say, I’m 800 pages in and it’s getting really good.
  • I’m thankful for our garage.
  • For the carpet we just ordered for our very long hall so that my boys can run down it at 7 am in joy without worrying about our downstairs neighbors, who (have let us know, unhappily, that they try to) sleep late. Whoops.
  • For the four-week Advent series I’ll be writing around here. I’ll tell you more soon, but I’m excited.
  • For the promise of Advent. The waiting and the good knowledge that the Savior is coming.

What about you, friend? List your thankfuls or link up!