Thankful Tuesday: Dragon DNA and Life Plans


My boys on the way to church on Sunday:

A: Brooksie, when I'm a rock star your kids can come to my show.

B: Okay.

Me: Brooksie, are you going to be a daddy when you grow up?

B: Yeah.

A: I'm not. Because I'm not getting married. I'm going to be a really good uncle.

B: I'm not getting married either.

A: But Brooksie, how are you going to have kids? You can't have kids unless you get married.

B: I can too!

Me: Well, maybe he could adopt his kids. Adopting is a really important way to have kids.

A: Yeah, Brooksie, you adopt kids, because that's really important.

B: And you'll live with us in our apartment, August.

A: No, I'm going to live in the same apartment building, but not in your apartment. I'll be down the hall.

B: Okay. But can we live in Amarillo?

A: No. I'm only going to live in San Francisco.

B: Okay. We'll live in San Francisco. And I'm going to fly a helicopter for my job.

A: And I'm going to fly a super fast jet. No. Never mind, I'm going to discover dragon DNA so I can make a dragon and then be a dragon-flyer. Okay, Brooksie?

B: Okay, but I'm going to fly a helicopter.


I'm thankful for little boys. What are you thankful for?