Thankful Tuesday: Dumpling Kings, Trader Joes, Little Boy Bow Ties, etc.

How do I count the ways this week?

  • Old friends and the goodness of being “home” at our church in San Francisco
  • A cozy, clean, comfortable temporary home
  • My first trip back to the glory that is Trader Joe's. (I’ve missed you in my life TJ’s!)
  • Texts and invitations and play dates and no time to sit around feeling sorry for ourselves
  • We found an apartment we love in a good location with (wait for it) a garage and a shared backyard! (Still waiting to see if that one goes through…)
  • Catch-up conversations with friends I’ve missed
  • Sunday night family dinner at Shanghai Dumpling King. Yes, we left the land of the Best Tacos in the United States, but we’ve entered the land of Chinese Food That Will Change Your Life. And it will. Shanghai Dumpling King might seriously alter your existence. Forever.

My little Dumpling King

  • I can’t be thankful enough for how smooth this transition has been for my kids. Brooksie’s fine no matter what, as long as he’s with us. But I was worried about August. This week, he’s seen all the things about SF he remembered. And then he’s seen a lot of old friends, reconnected, and felt much more comfortable about his life here. He’s happy and at peace, one week in. My heart’s all swollen just thinking about it.
  • August has discovered salt and suddenly chose to eat his broccoli when I told him it was better with salt on it. Miracles!
  • I’m thankful for the grace I’ve learned to have on myself in these transitions. I’m not expecting much of myself. Laundry is good if I do it. Writing is good if I do it. Also: naps are good and I’ve been doing them. A lot. But I haven’t touched August’s chore chart in a week. And he hasn’t practiced his speech or his writing. I’m giving myself time. I’m giving all of us time.
  • For cooler weather and the way the sun can warm your face when it peaks out on a 60-degree day.
  • For Caitlin’s wedding this Saturday. Do you know we were planning to come to her wedding long before we knew we’d live here? Now, we’ll be hopping over to the ceremony and our boys will be chaotic little ring bearers in plum colored bow ties. I’ll just want to chomp them up, I’m sure.

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