Thankful Tuesday: East Coast Trip Recap

We’re home! It was a sweet trip. And it was long (two weeks!). We left my mother-in-law’s house yesterday morning at 5:30 and showed up at our house in Austin by 1:30 in the (Very Hot) afternoon.

Here’s what I’m thankful for:

  • My boy turned four years old on Sunday. He woke up certain he was bigger (which I’m sure he was). I LOVE birthdays. So, even though I had slept only three hours (I’ll spare the details), I was pumped for some birthday awesomeness! (Chocolate donut with sprinkles and popsicle for breakfast, present opening in pjs, lots of birthday hugs and Transformer playing.) We had a gathering of August’s closest Philly buddies and hours of pruny-fingered pool swimming and cake eating that turned into pizza eating. August felt loved and his birthday smile lasted till bedtime, just as I’d hoped.
  • Being in Philadelphia was so encouraging for us on the friend-front. To spend quality time with people who genuinely love us and encourage us and share their lives with us is life-giving. I feel built up.
  • Pool time Saturday morning with two of Chris’ brothers, sister and dad. Lots of laughing and playing and being together. If you don’t believe me, watch this amazing(!) video of my father-in-law diving into his pool. (Do it! Please. It will make you so happy.) Yes, he’s really as sweet as he appears.
  • A chance to have a play date with Amy Julia Becker and her super fun kids. It was a gift that even while I was in a town I don’t know so well (while at my father-in-law’s), I had a real friend there to sit in the backyard with while our kids ran through the water hose.
  • Boys who slept on the plane long enough for me to finish All is Grace.
  • The sweetness of home: how happy and relaxed my boys were to be in their own house yesterday. August ran inside and just sat on the rug in the living room. Brooksie found his favorite lion pillow and fell face first into it.
  • Despite it already being 108 outside (and not even July yet!), I’m thankful for: air conditioning, popsicles, free local pools, water hoses, sunscreen, bug spray, an abundant supply of water, and hats (which I’m trying to wear these days since I realized my face has grown up into the age of sun spots). Also, I know what it’s like to live in a town with coolish summer in San Francisco and I’ll take 108 in July any day over 57. Is that a terrible thing to say?
  • Routines and unpacked bags and scheduled calendars.
  • The chance to travel all over again next week to see my family for a couple weeks. Are you so tired of hearing me yap about being out of town?


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