Thankful Tuesday Family Time

This is a Thankful Tuesday completely committed to my four-week trek through the homes of all my family members.

  • I keep having friends from San Francisco texting to see if we’re finally home yet, like normal people ought to be. I know it’s extreme, but I’m really thankful that August and I have been able to spend large chunks of time with our family (and that Chris has been able to spend two of those four weeks with us).  As much as I may sometimes be a complainy-face about my status as Stay at Home Mom, the fact that I’ve been able to give my kid time to make cookies with his grandmas and play rockets with his grandpas has brought me nothing but joy.
  • August sees Chris’ dad only two to three times a year for really short visits. But even so, when we arrived at his house Sunday night, my son gave his grandfather a huge snuggle hug and immediately asked if he would make pancakes for breakfast (my father in law’s specialty). Not only did August bring a lot of joy to his grandpa, but Chris and I sighed a little relief ourselves. It’s tough being far from family and it’s so good to know that your kid loves his, especially when you fear that they might be strangers to him.
  • Last night I spent an hour lying on my eighteen year old sister in law’s bed while we “helped” my other sister in law find a work appropriate date outfit for tomorrow. I laughed a lot with them and though they are the two most stylish girls I’ve ever known, my maternity-clad self was invited to be part of fashion talk. I love all the moments I get to connect with them.
  • Last night my son didn’t want me to leave when it was time for him to fall asleep and I succumbed to his tears because I know it can be scary to sleep in a new place. As I lay my head next to his, he either held my hand or petted my hair or, at one point, tried to tickle my back while falling asleep. He’s so sweet right now and I keep trying to remind myself to bottle it up.
  • When we were in Amarillo, my husband and brothers had a night of ping-pong and manly bonding. I am really thankful that my brothers love Chris and that they all want to spend time together.
  • My parents celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary yesterday. That number is astounding to me. And I’m really thankful for what they’ve taught us about commitment and faithfulness and how to love our families.
  • My mother in law is uniquely gifted at letting us sleep in and being thankful and joyful about her mornings alone with August before we get up. It’s an amazing gift and I feel so rested and relaxed.
  • I’m thankful for this moment to list my thankfuls and the reminder of how good I have it. So grateful for my family…

What are you thankful for?

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