Thankful Tuesday: MLK Edition

  • I’m grateful that August learned about skin in science last Friday which led to a sweet family conversation  about how wonderful it is that everyone's skin is unique. I’m also thankful that my son still doesn’t know about “white” skin and “black” skin. (Aren’t those the craziest, least descriptive words to use for our skin tones???) I agree much more with August’s assessment that his skin is blonde and some kids have light brown skin and some have dark brown skin.
  • I’m grateful for how that original skin conversation led to a discussion about Martin Luther King, Jr. I’m thankful for how silly it sounds to a four-year-old that anybody would be treated unfairly because of their skin. I pray racial equality always stays so simple and logical to him.
  • I’m grateful I can drive 40 minutes out of town and end up picnicking in a spot as stunning as this.
  • For Michelle Obama’s bangs. I love that woman.
  • That I can go for a chilly morning walk in a city park and it looks like this.
  • For a husband who stayed with the kids all morning on his day off so I could drink coffee with my friend Liz and get a pedicure.
  • For a “full” life. (Some days I’m tempted to call it that terrible word: busy. But full is a joy-word and I want to choose the best words, you know? Also, there is time for fullness.)
  • Getting to experience my first (a 3-year-old boy’s birthday) party for one of August's classmates at the Orthodox Jewish preschool. (The party was in the synagogue and I cried like a crazy person thirty minutes beforehand because I was so stressed about whether or not I was supposed to cover my head. I ended up wearing a scarf and giving myself a big ole pep talk about how to be confident and unafraid. It ended up that I didn’t need to wear one. But I made myself keep wearing it until Brooksie pulled it off.  I have never been so relieved.) PS I should probably write a post about why it was good for me to be uncomfortable and awkward...
  • I'm thankful Safeway is in walking distance.
  • I'm thankful way that watching Downton Abbey makes folding clothes so much more bearable.


What about you? What’s on your list? Comments they have still not fixed the bug in calendar when you add an event and create two alarms and the alarms switch between the two intervals