Thankful Tuesday: Newness and Hope

  • After a day spent texting and checking on East coast friends and family, what a sweet thing to wake up and find all are safe.
  • Also, the house we own (and rent out) in Philadelphia did not flood! (With its flooded past, that is a miracle, friends.)
  • My sister-in-law Michelle's facebook posts. Love that girl. (PS She's going to have a baby any day and we can't wait for a little girl in our world!)
  • The gift of living near my husband's little sister, Charlotte, who is going to college an hour south of us. Spending Saturday afternoon with her and her willingness to babysit Brooksie for a while. He was well loved by her and all her roomies. (I love that we get to share life in California with her!)
  • Week 2 of preschool! It turns out Fridays are Science days, which is the greatest news my kid has heard in a long time. Last Friday he learned why the sky is blue.
  • Snuggling this morning with Brooksie on the couch and talking with Chris about what it means to be "at home" when you're a kid. And the gift of making a "home" for your kids...which is a much deeper idea than a mere physical space. 
  • Speaking of making a home, we move this Thursday. Living for the past eight weeks without a "real" home has been harder on me than the rest of my family, I think. I have felt out of sorts in every part of my life: writing, organization, prayer. I'm so grateful get to settle in to this new life in San Francisco. I'm not expecting everything to suddenly feel perfect, but I'm grateful for the security of home and that God gives us things in our lives that are consistent. I'm longing for something consistent. 
  • Time to pray this morning, even though my prayer was about as scattered and messy as my life feels right now. I'm thankful God is not scattered and messy. 
  • A double jogging stroller I found on craigslist this weekend! Can I tell you how excited I am to run to August's school from our new house? Being able to run without it having to be 6 in the morning? That is a good gift.
  • The church Harvest Festival this past weekend and how funny it is when people see us and say, "Wait! Didn't you guys move?" Yeah, we moved...
  • The hope of new things. The promise of consistency and the freshness of newness.
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