Thankful Tuesday: Off to Philadelphia!

I’m up late trying to get my posts for the week set in place before the family and I jet off to the northeast. We will stay with Chris’ mom, play with old friends, see family, eat lots of good food, and generally relax.

If that’s not enough to be thankful for, this is:

  • Brother snuggles on the couch
  • Open mouth baby kisses
  • Robot towers
  • Moving from the highchair to the booster seat
  • Baby sleepy face, while cuddling with "Doggie" aka "Gigee"
  • One green bell pepper from the garden
  • The free public pool at our local park (especially useful on a 100 degree day)
  • Chris folding laundry and singing: “” to himself. Random, random, random…
  • This stage of Brooksie’s life. I love newbie toddlers! How they understand what you’re saying and shake their heads yes and no, how they kiss and snuggle and want to get down, how they’re half babies/half big kids and all the mix of it is the sweetest part.
  • For friends who check our mail when we’re away
  • For the Crazy of the next two weeks of celebrations: Chris’ birthday, Brooksie’s baptism, Father’s Day, our Anniversary, and August’s birthday.
  • For grandmas who love their grandbabies
  • For days spent in swim suits by the pool
  • For my husband’s vacation days!
  • That I don’t have to fly alone with two kids today. Always grateful when my main squeeze is suffering on the airplane alongside me.
  • For to-do lists that get checked off
  • For sleep, even when it doesn’t feel like enough
  • For the feeling of coming home and the community that always loves us when we get to Philadelphia. So grateful.


What are you thankful for? List it up!
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