Thankful Tuesday on the Thankfulest Week of Year!

Because if you can't get all thankful on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, when can you really get thankful?


A Few Thankful Lists:


What August was thankful for on his school Thankful poem:

  • Food
  • Water

What Micha, August, and Brooksie were thankful for on our thankful tree (Chris did not participate!):

  • August: Ice Cream
  • Micha: Coffee
  • Micha: Dancing
  • Brooksie: Airplane
  • Brooksie: Milk
  • Brooksie: Birds
  • Brooksie: Fast Car
  • August: Spaghetti
  • August: Donut
  • Brooksie: A Cat
  • August & Micha: Chocolate

(Do you know what this tells me? Brooksie is the only person in this house capable of being thankful for things that aren't food and/or drink.)


Things I'm thankful for that aren't hanging by scotch tape on any doors in my house:

  • A husband who emails my friends that he's going out of town, just to make sure they know and can help me not be lonely and overwhelmed while he's gone
  • Friends who step in and watch my kids when I schedule a dentist appointment for a terrible day/time and don't realize (somehow) until twenty-four hours before
  • Answered prayers and good hope
  • A husband who roasts the turkey like a machine
  • The lightly roasted tan of the marshmallows on the sweet potatoes
  • Those miracle days when I actually wake up at 5:30 and pray...and how God meets me in the quiet
  • Watching August experience the joy of a school vacation. "You mean Tuesday is like a Friday?!"
  • Brooksie pushing Diny the Dinosaur in a pink dolly stroller all over San Francisco. My friend Liz has coined it #Dinovember.

Happy Thanksgiving Thankful Tuesday. What are you thankful for?




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