Thankful Tuesday: pink flowers, paddle boats at dusk, binoculars in the aquarium

Back in the olden days, I used to . I’m a hot weather, Texas girl, living in a temperate climate. Temperate means on cold days it’s fifty degrees, on warm days it’s 65. And if it gets below or above one of those, every one is Very Bothered. But, I’d like to be thankful today for a week of 65 degrees and sunshine, even though it has dipped back into fifty degrees and gray clouds. I’m sure I’ll be complaining come July, when it’s fifty degrees and we’re eating chili for the 4th of July. But, until then, thank you Lord for pink flowers budding along the sidewalks.


  • For a lovely visit with Chris’ dad, step mom and two of his siblings over the weekend. Chris’ youngest brother is sixteen and So. Much. Fun. And he was very sweet with the boys all weekend. He let them do this to him:
  • I’m thankful for the glory of the three-day weekend and that Chris works a job that actually gives him a day off for President’s Day.
  • For my Lenten practice of turning off the computer at 9 pm. It’s not easy and I’m working extra hard to get this written and posted in the next twenty minutes. But I’m so grateful for the boundary.
  • For books on the couch with my boys. I love that they’re both at an age where they can follow the same book. One on each side of me while I read is heaven.
  • Rest
  • August at the aquarium yesterday: staring at fish with his binoculars. It was awesome.
  • My husband’s institution of Dad-ur-day, in which his dad-friends take the kids to the park on Saturday morning. He’s my hero.
  • For Sandra McCracken’s , which I listened to all weekend and am loving.
  • Paddleboating at the park with my fellas and a dusk that looked like this:


What about you?