Thankful Tuesday . . . Revived!

Photo by  Irina Iriser  on  Unsplash

It's been a long time since it was Thankful Tuesday around here, maybe an entire year. A friend recently told me she'd missed Thankful Tuesdays, which was a surprise to me, actually. I'd always thought Thankful Tuesdays were more a day I loved on the blog each week, and less something anyone else read. But the truth is: I've missed it too. It's much easier to be thankful throughout the week when you know you'll have to make a list on things on your blog in a couple of days. Also, I miss collecting my kids' thoughts and sweet moments throughout the week.


So I've decided to bring Thankful Tuesday back to life! Maybe not forever, but at least for this week.


Now, here are some lists of various things I'm thankful for. (Sometimes, I imagine myself making my Thankful Tuesday list in an idyllic world. In that world, I write my list by hand, with a fluffy pink pen. In bed. Drinking something steamy out of a delicate tea cup. So you can imagine that’s how I wrote this. I won't tell you what this process of list making actually looked like.)


What My Husband Did That Was Awesome

  1. Last Wednesday I felt SAD. And when I sent him sad texts about how lonely I was and how I missed my friends, he emailed a few of my friends who don't have kids and planned a brunch date for us this past Saturday. When he told me about his secret plan he said, "You know, you are the worst kind of extrovert. You think you don't need people and you actually do." I cried.

  2. He swept the floor before leaving for his week long work trip. On a Monday morning. When he needed to be packing.

What my 6 year old has been saying about my pregnancy

  1. Mom, did you know that when women are pregnant their bottoms grow too?

  2. Mom, are you sure you can sit on that chair? It might break because you've gotten bigger.

  3. Mom, did you know you moan every time you sit down in the car?


What my 3 year old has been saying when he and I are alone in the car

  1. Mommy, is there a store for motorcycles that sells motorcycle gloves and motorcycle helmets? And when I'm big can I go there?


Also, I'm thankful for, in no particular order:

  • My new Audible obsession. (Just finished and now listening to by Karen Swallow Prior. I feel like I'm doubling my reading but also kind of cheating. And I LOVE that.)

  • The smart, interesting, passionate, kind women in my life. The ones who encourage me, and check in on me, and pray for me.

  • My newfound passion for my 10 pm bedtime

  • My grandfather, Pawpaw, who passed away 2 1/2 years ago and whose birthday was yesterday. He remains one of the best people I've ever known.

  • How much my first grader wanted to make a movie with his friends. And that he actually made one! (Of course, it pretty much just consisted of him and his friends running around the playground swinging lightsabers at each other. But I'm excited for his vision and his willingness to make it happen.)

  • That Parks and Recreation is back!

  • That Octonauts is on Netflix

What about you, dear reader? What are you thankful for this fine Tuesday?