Thanking: rain and swim lessons, light-up shoes and Epiphany

  • This boy who loves his new swim class. (And the husband who spends Saturday morning with him in the indoor YMCA pool.)
  • Rainy Mondays full of purpose.
  • A walk from the Target parking lot to the grocery parking lot. In the rain. With a baby attached. In honor of my days in San Francisco. And because not everything should be so easy all the time.
  • Sharing a car with my husband. Yep, it's difficult sometimes, but I love getting to drop him off at work on the days he can't ride his bike: all of us in the car with him, cheering him into that tall building.
  • For the child who has outgrown his footwear and only wants, just about the ugliest possible shoes available, and who refuses to stick his foot in a shoe that doesn't meet his sense of style. I'm married an opinionated man and I'm raising his son. They drive me crazy. Also, I'm thankful for boys who know what they like.
  • Being back in our regular schedule. The older I get, the more I feel the safety of making lists and living in schedules. A break from that is good but I'm happy to be normal again.
  • Rain, rain, rain for this crispy dry land.
  • Praying and drinking coffee next to my husband on the couch at 6:55 am, our baby crawling around.
  • Reading in one week and remembering how much I love fiction.
  • Extra time on the way to school yesterday to u-turn when we saw a and its best buddy ! We sat and watched them for a few minutes and August and I couldn't believe our eyes.
  • The dear people in my writing group who critiqued part of my new writing project last night. Such kindness and generosity and gentle direction. I'm so grateful for the wonderful people I'm in community with here in Austin.
  • Running errands with a 22 pound baby asleep against my chest.
  • Cardboard box forts with the neighbors.
  • Being married to someone who loves food as much as I do.
  • Epiphany being the season where Jesus reminds us he is "the light of the world" while he instructs us to be "the light of the world." Oh, such sweet juxtaposition to live into!

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