Today is the Day

There was a moment around 14 months ago, as I was flying alone with my almost 2 year old (something I have done many times), when he miraculously began to play by himself! He took his little Yo Gabba Gabba people and made them talk to each other. Then I gave him some Thomas the Tank Engine cards and one by one he dropped them onto the airplane floor. I was astounded. I was weeping in my soul! And I slowly took out my magazine and, for the first time ever, read an article while on a plane with my son. Some people remember the day they felt moved to have a second child. Perhaps it was at a park at sunset as your child and husband frolicked nearby. Perhaps you were sailing across the ocean and felt a sudden longing to grow your family. For me, it was when I actually had a moment to read People Magazine on an airplane in peace. I thought, “Now I can have another baby!”

And here we are. Today, my friends, is my solo first flying experience with two children. A 4 month old (happy 4 month birthday tomorrow, T-Rexy!) and a 3 year old. In honor of this momentous occasion (and the relief I’ll own in exactly 24 hours), I will now list my most awesome moments of airplane travel with my oldest son:

  • The time my 16 month old refused to sleep on a late night flight and became so exhausted that he kicked screamed and bit me for 30 (that’s right, I’m not lying, 30) minutes, while well-meaning (some of them) yet misinformed people around me told me his ears hurt. No, friends. His ears did not hurt. When I landed I cried at the baggage claim while hugging my husband.
  • My first flight ever with a 7 week old baby. I was scared to death to nurse in public. (Look how far I’ve come. Some people wish I’d have some inhibitions.) And, of course, my seat was smack dab in the middle of 8 firefighters on their way to a firefighter convention. After that day, I determined that if I could breastfeed in the middle of 8 firefighters, I could do anything.
  • The time we took a red-eye from San Francisco to New York and our little boy was so excited that he did not sleep, did not sleep, did not sleep until our flight was about to land at 6 am Eastern Time. It was NOT COOL.
  • The time we sat next to a grandma who gave August crackers. (If you get a choice, always choose the seat partners who look like grandmas.)

I’ll stop the list there because I have to pack. And because I can hardly remember the good events on airplanes. (That’s terrible, I know.)

Until next time, here’s a question for the cosmos. How in the world do I fit myself, my 3 year old and my baby in the airplane bathroom with me? Please pray I don’t have to find out.



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