Last night in a haze of fever (Sunday was a rough day), I lay on the couch reading August a story from the Jesus Storybook Bible. It was a retelling of Jesus' Parable of the Hidden Treasure. After Jesus compares God's Kingdom to a great treasure worth selling all you own to pursue, Sally Loyd-Jones reminds us that God also gave everything he had (his son) to pursue his treasure (us). I read those words to August and whispered, "You are God's treasure!"

He ran from me to his dad across the room: "I'm a treasure, Daddy!" And then to our newborn sleeping near me on the couch. "T-Rexy is a treasure, Daddy!" (Yes, we can't seem to stop calling him by his dinosaur name.) "This sweet baby is a treasure!" Of course, then he leaned in on baby Brooks' stomach and kissed his face too hard and made the poor thing cry. But it was beautiful all the same.


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