Wednesday, Holy Week

Descending Theology: Christ Human

Such a short voyage for a god, and you arrived in animal form so as not to scorch us with your glory. Your mask was an infant's head on a limp stalk, sticky eyes smeared blind, limbs rendered useless in swaddle. You came among beasts as one, came into our care or its lack, came crying as we all do, because the human frame is a crucifix, each skeletos borne a lifetime. Any wanting soul lain prostrate on a floor to receive a pouring of sunlight might--if still enough, feel your cross buried in the flesh. One has only to surrender, you preached, open both arms to the inner, the ever-present hold, out-reaching every want. It's in the form embedded, love adamant as bone. In a breath, we can bloom and almost be you

-Mary Karr, Sinners Welcome

*  *  *

Note #1: I apologize for the incorrect formatting in Descending Theology: Christ Human. The blog monster doesn't agree with indentations. I can't give you a link to its correct form; you'll just have to find it in her book.

Note #2: Find Anna Kocher's other work here.

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