What I’ve Learned About Motherhood in the Past 7 Days.

  • Gingerbread + Christmas cookies + pumpkin pie + staying up till 10 for three days straight playing with cousins = a very grumpy two-year-old for Christmas. (Kids are supposed to be grumpy on Christmas, right?)
  • As much as I may have talked to August about Christmas being about Jesus and Santa only giving gifts because he loves Jesus, I still was a failure when I reminded my son: “Christmas is about how Jesus was born,” and he said: “No! That’s not true. Christmas is about Santa!” Oh brother.
  • In these two and a half years of air travel with my child, I never knew what a beautiful thing it is to drag the car seat onto the airplane. We plugged that kid in for our late night flight Monday night and he was asleep before the plane took off. Miracle. How did I never do this before?
  • This isn’t about motherhood, but after two flights of horrific sinus pain on Monday, I got these amazing earplugs from the airport store. And it was life-changing. Just wanted you to know.
  • If your kid sleeps with a rocket like mine, it’s really good to find one that has a clock and an astronaut-on-the-moon nightlight (that shines on the wall).
  • Even if you’re six months pregnant, it’s totally worth it to run through the airport terminal next to your kid, with a metal plane in your hand, making the “shooooooooosh” sound, for thirty minutes. (The fact that I’m sore from it today shows what an out of shape pregnant lady I am.)
  • As much as I know that I’m loved, the sweetest thing about leaving after visiting my parents and grandparents in Amarillo is their goodbye tears. I know so few daughters and granddaughters have what I have.  I hope my children always feel as loved by Chris and I as I feel loved by my parents.
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